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Donegal West Trail
DAY 3 - GLENTIES - Secluded mountains, Glen Tavern and an impressive waterfall

You will start the day with an opulent breakfast of cereals, cornflakes, bacon and egg, which gives you the strength for a days riding, long and full of excitement. The trail goes through the Blue Stack Mountains — secluded, majestic, wild and romantic. You will enjoy picturesque views and impressive scenery. The only living souls you meet along the way are the sheep and birds. Enjoy the tranquillity and the wind, which accompanies you on your way.
Care for same adventure? High up in the mountains it needs a bit of courage to follow the signposted trail which crosses boggy terrain. Don‘t worry though, the horses are familiar with the area and will carry you safely across.
Hungry? Thirsty? After a few adventurous hours everybody welcomes a rest. Riding down the mountain you will pass an impressive waterfall and arrive at the welcoming Glen Tavern. Allow the horses to relax for a short while and enjoy a pint of Guinness or a pot of tea yourself. It will do all of you good.

Tilman and Colette Anhold
Horse Holiday Farm Ltd.
County Sligo
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