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Donegal West Trail
DAY 2 - LETTERHILLUE - Bogland and hand-knitted sweaters

Around lunchtime we Set oft from the Horse Holiday Farm. In the morning you have a lot to do to prepare for the adventures ahead of you. Your horse has to be taken care of, fed and groomed. Saddlebags have to be packed properly. Don‘t be afraid —everything you really need on your trail fits into your saddlebags. Many riders who came before you can vouch for that.
We will transport you and your horse from the farm into County Donegal. After about an hour, we drop you at the starting point of the first day of your tail. Follow the yellow arrows and check the route on your map from time to time. Depending an how fast you tide you will arrive at Mrs. Logue‘s after about four to five hours after a lovely trek across bogland and through forests. An excellent dinner awaits you. Mrs. Logue owns a modern farmhouse and you and your horse will be able to enjoy the best facilities and if you talk to Mrs. Logue about Irish sweaters there might be a bit of a fashion show after dinner!

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