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Life´s a beach
Exploring the freedom of Ireland on horseback is a dream holiday.
But you don´t have to be an expert rider to enjoy it.

February 2005 - By Malcolm Bates

Sligo and neighbouring Donegal are really big an beautiful countryside. Imagine mile-upon-mile of wide, fiat, sandy beaches (if you see more than two other people, it‘s a busy weekend), towering cliffs, deserted woodland paths and wild mountain trails. Then imagine yourself blasting along the sand, salt spray in your hair and nothing to worry about except wondering what‘s for dinner.
Oh, and there are some excellent pubs, too.
Tilman and Colette Anhold, of Horse Holiday Farm, have just the thing to enable you to see all that countryside, first hand. Or more to the point, they have a large number of them, in all shapes and sizes, to match you and your riding style.
Horse Holiday Farm has one of the most impressive collections of friendly, well-mannered horses you‘ll find in any stable yard, anywhere. And in more than 10 years of long-distance riding, I can‘t think of anywhere that offers a warmer welcome to the novice, or expert rider alike.
While the nation of a two-mile gallop through the surf of the Atlantic Ocean might sound really attractive to the experienced rider, that attraction might also be tinged with apprehension for the less experienced. But it might come as some surprise to learn that out of the 600 or so people who book with Horse Holiday Farm each year, an amazingly large percentage are neither regular, nor necessarily experienced, riders. In fact, an my recent visit, I was the only rider who actually owned a horse and out of the other eight in my group, two had never been on a horse until the week before and two hadn‘t been on a horse for 10 years!
This isn‘t pony trekking for beginners, however. Tilman, Colette and their energetic yard manager Vitaly don‘t takeout absolute beginners. However, by special arrangement, a local riding school does give intensive courses and, as I was able to see with my own eyes, the results were impressive. There‘s no danger of inexperienced riders being ‘railroaded‘ into a mad gallop, any more than there is of experienced riders being forced to jog along in frustration, waiting for beginners to catch up.
So is it a bit tame for really experienced riders? Not a bit of it. One of the key elements of Horse Holiday Farm‘s success is Tilman‘s knack of matching the right horse to each rider. When he asks, ‘What sort of horse would you like?,‘ he‘s not asking you to describe how many ‘hands‘ you want, or even the breeding — he‘s asking you what sort of character you‘d prefer.
When, an my first visit six years ago, I announced that I wanted ‘a big horse with a big sense of humour and a bit of go‘, the more experienced equestrians in our group cringed. Tilman smiled. I got exactly the right horse and had a great time. A couple of the others, having given Tilman a more rigid ‘specification‘, ended up with fine animals, but didn‘t necessarily establish a bond with them.
In my book, that bond is the best part of the whole experience. Aside from having fun, taking in some wonderful scenery and feeling that you‘ve done something really worthwhile at the end of each day, that is.

Plenty of choice
You can choose from a number of four-day, full week, or two-week riding packages. These can comprise a mix of individual day rides (in some cases being taken with your horse to a distant point by horsebox and riding back to the yard), trail rides around the Sligo area or, for the more adventurous, a selection of trail ride options up in Donegal. Here you will ride between different B&Bs each day, looking after your own horse each evening and carrying everything you need in saddlebags.
Most of the day rides are accompanied by a member of HHF staff, but the Sligo and Donegal Trails are unaccompanied, so you‘ll need to be able to read a map and have enough will power to keep to a schedule.
But what if you get lost? Don‘t worry, when I last did the Donegal Trail, we took a wrong turn in dense forest. While happy to continue, my horse made it clear we were not going in the right direction. And when, after much discussion in our group, we finally did turn around, the look of smug, self-righteousness on my horse‘s face underlined that he knew he was right all along!

How to get there.
There are budget flights into Knock airport (a one hour taxi journey from HHF) and Derry City airport, but for those who would prefer to drive to Sligo, we have arranged a special deal with Stena Line to take your car and two passengers across the lrish Sea.

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